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OUR COVID-19 PROCEDURES: (Last Updated 12.11.20)

At Mama Voula’s, we are taking extraordinary measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff and customers.

  • Temperature checks for all staff prior to entering our building. Any staff with a temperature over 99.0 will be immediately sent home with pay. Staff members with any symptoms of COVID-19 or contact with another person with symptoms will be sent home immediately with pay.

  • Masks for all staff, provided by Mama Voula’s. Based upon the CDC recommendation; we will provide cloth masks to our staff that they can choose to wear as part of their uniform.

  • All surfaces (front of house, kitchen, and equipment) is cleaned and sanitized every 10 minutes. We also sanitize at the beginning of and end of each shift so we can assure that new shifts are walking in to clean and sanitized equipment. Best practices for food safety regulations and glove regulations will continue to stay in place.

  • All Mama Voula’s team members will be wearing disposable gloves at all times and are required to change gloves every 15 minutes or between activities.

  • We are monitoring the health of our employees each hour and are not allowing employees to work if they have any COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms.

  • We encourage customers to place orders online this will allow us to assign a specific time for one person to come pick up their meal and minimize a crowed at the truck.

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